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I won’t be updating the blog for the next few days as I’ve been admitted to the hospital, since I am suffering from Chicken Pox (sigh).

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A Daily Thought

Well, my faithful friends have you ever heard that term before? I sure haven’t. My friend Penny and I went to the Gallery of Modern Art to see Modern Woman: Daughters and Lovers 1850 — 1918 | Drawings from the Musée d’Orsay, Paris

The collection was beautiful there were Renoir‘s, Toulouse Lautrec, DeGas etc . Before that we went to the other Art Gallery by mistake and saw  Contemporary Women : Australia. We were so glad we stumbled upon it. The work was unusual but creative, and we found it very interesting. Anyway to cut this long story short there was one exhibit where the woman had Googled everyone in the world who had posted online with the same name as hers, and then she put all their photographs  in a montage on the wall of the gallery. So they called them GoogleGangers which is a take on Doppelgangers.  What…

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 Outpouring of a tender heart,

in  poignant form of expressions

using the most simplest words,

to touch millions in seconds…


speaks  in the silence ,

echoes in vacuum,

feelings put down,

become silvery in countdown…


significance in the denotation,

worthy connotation,

sense in its value ,

gist of every sequence…


abundance in the purpose,

deciphered  uniquely by all,

every soul derives from it ,

a complete different form…


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Bente Haarstad Photography

Tonight I was really angry, and at the same time kind of pleased. The strange thing it happened watching a TV-show, because that does not usually make much of an impact. Skavlan is a show that is shown on both Norwegian and Swedish televison, and one of the guests tonight was John Gray, author of the book Men are from March, Women are from Venus. The book has sold more than 7 million copies, and the author claims it to be the best selling book of the 1990s, spending 121 weeks on the bestseller list, according to Wikipedia. Anyway, the show on Scandinavian television showed how really outdated his theories are. The self-declared relationship-superstar (“The leading Relationship Expert in the World“), was totally smashed to bits by the other guests in the show. And that’s why I am pleased: If you go to Scandinavia with such outdated, sexist…

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